We have created some epic suggested full day experiences. Using chauffer driven car partners, experience operators, of course the best wineries and food experiences. Check out the options below!



9:00 AM – Pick Up from Adelaide CBD

  • Your luxury vehicle will pick you up from your location in Adelaide CBD at 9:00 AM.
  • Enjoy a comfortable and scenic drive to the Barossa Valley, approximately a 1-hour journey.


10:00 AM – Wine Tasting at Kies Family Wines

  • Arrive at Kies Family Wines in the Barossa Valley for a private wine tasting experience.
  • Enjoy their selection of boutique wines and perhaps purchase a few bottles to take home.


11:30 AM – Helicopter Flight to Lunch

  • Transfer to Barossa Helicopters for your helicopter flight.
  • Experience a breathtaking aerial tour of the Barossa Valley as you fly to your lunch destination.


12:00 PM – Lunch at Artisans of Barossa or St Hugo

  • Arrive by helicopter at either Artisans of Barossa or St Hugo.
  • Indulge in a 2 or 3-course lunch featuring locally sourced produce and paired wines.
    • Option 1: Artisans of Barossa – Enjoy a diverse range of dishes from different winemakers.
    • Option 2: St Hugo – Experience fine dining with exquisite wine pairings.


2:00 PM – Visit Seppeltsfield

  • After lunch, your luxury vehicle will take you to Seppeltsfield.
  • Participate in the “Taste Your Birth Year” experience where you can sample vintage Tawny from your birth year directly from the barrel.


3:30 PM – Leisure Time at Seppeltsfield

  • Take some time to explore the Seppeltsfield estate.
  • You may visit the JamFactory craft and design studios, the heritage gardens, or the Centennial Cellar.


4:30 PM – Return to Adelaide

  • Depart from Seppeltsfield in your luxury vehicle.
  • Enjoy a relaxing drive back to Adelaide CBD, reflecting on your luxurious day out.


5:30 PM – Arrival in Adelaide CBD

  • Arrive back in Adelaide CBD, concluding your memorable day.


Highlights and Additional Notes:

  • Comfort and Luxury: Throughout the day, you will travel in a luxury vehicle and enjoy a helicopter flight, ensuring maximum comfort and a premium experience.
  • Gourmet Experience: The itinerary includes wine tasting at Kies Family Wines and a fine dining lunch with wine pairings, showcasing the best of Barossa Valley’s culinary offerings.
  • Unique Tastings: The “Taste Your Birth Year” experience at Seppeltsfield is a unique and personal touch, making your day truly special.

Ensure to make all reservations in advance, including the vehicle hire, helicopter flight, wine tastings, and lunch bookings to guarantee availability and a seamless experience.

9:00 AM – Pick Up from Adelaide CBD

  • Your luxury vehicle will arrive to pick you up from your location in Adelaide CBD.


9:45 AM – Arrive at Whispering Wall

  • Enjoy a scenic drive to the Whispering Wall in Williamstown.
  • Spend some time experiencing the unique acoustics of the wall and taking in the beautiful surroundings.


10:15 AM – Transfer to God’s Hill Wines

  • Depart from the Whispering Wall and head to God’s Hill Wines, a short drive away.


10:30 AM – Arrive at God’s Hill Wines

  • Indulge in a premium wine tasting session at God’s Hill Wines, located in Lyndoch, Barossa Valley, savoring some of their finest wines.


11:45 AM – Transfer to Barossa Helicopters

  • Your luxury vehicle will take you to Barossa Helicopters, about a 10-minute drive from God’s Hill Wines.


12:00 PM – Helicopter Flight to Pindarie Wines

  • Embark on an exhilarating helicopter flight from Barossa Helicopters to Pindarie Wines.
  • Enjoy stunning aerial views of the Barossa Valley.


12:30 PM – Gourmet Lunch at Pindarie Wines

  • Upon arrival at Pindarie Wines, relish a gourmet pie paired with a selection of their wines.
  • Take your time to enjoy the picturesque setting and the delicious food.


2:00 PM – Transfer to Sieber Road Wines by Vehicle

  • After lunch, a vehicle will be ready to take you to Sieber Road Wines, which is about a 15-minute drive away.
  • Enjoy the beautiful countryside views along the way.


2:30 PM – Wine Tasting at Sieber Road Wines

  • At Sieber Road Wines, experience a delightful tasting session of their exceptional wines.


4:00 PM – Return to Adelaide

  • After the wine tasting, your luxury vehicle will take you back to Adelaide CBD.
  • Relax and enjoy the drive back, reflecting on a day filled with wonderful experiences.


5:00 PM – Arrive Back in Adelaide CBD

  • You will be dropped off at your original pick-up location or another preferred location in Adelaide CBD.


  • Ensure all bookings for wine tastings, the helicopter flight, and lunch are made in advance to guarantee availability.
  • Confirm dietary requirements and preferences with Pindarie Wines for the gourmet lunch.


Enjoy your luxurious day out in the Barossa Valley!


Morning: Departure from Adelaide Airport

09:00 AM: Meeting at Adelaide Airport (General Aviation Terminal).

    • Check-in for your helicopter flight.
    • Briefing with the pilot about the day’s itinerary and safety instructions.

09:30 AM: Helicopter departure from Adelaide Airport.

  • Enjoy breathtaking aerial views of Adelaide and the scenic journey to the Barossa Valley.

10:00 AM: Arrival at Kies Wines.

  • 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Tasting at Kies Wines.
    • Enjoy a guided wine tasting session at Kies Wines, known for its charming boutique winery experience and exceptional wines.

Mid-Morning: Tasting at Paulmara Estate

  • 11:15 AM: Depart Kies Wines.
    • Short helicopter flight to Paulmara Estate.

11:30 AM: Arrival at Paulmara Estate.

  • 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM: Tasting at Paulmara Estate.
    • Indulge in a personalized wine tasting experience, discovering the unique flavors and craftsmanship of Paulmara Estate wines.

Lunch at St Hugo

  • 12:45 PM: Depart Paulmara Estate.
    • Short helicopter flight to St Hugo.

01:00 PM: Arrival at St Hugo.

  • 01:00 PM – 03:00 PM: Lunch at St Hugo.
    • Relish a gourmet lunch paired with premium St Hugo wines. The menu features locally sourced ingredients, offering a luxurious culinary experience in an elegant setting.

Afternoon: Free Time and Exploration

  • 03:00 PM – 03:30 PM: Leisurely explore the beautiful grounds of St Hugo or relax with a coffee in their lounge area.

Return to Adelaide

  • 03:45 PM: Depart St Hugo.
    • Helicopter flight back to Adelaide, taking a different route for varied scenic views.

04:15 PM: Arrival at Adelaide Airport.

  • Conclude your day with memories of exquisite wines, gourmet food, and stunning landscapes.

Total Duration: Approximately 7 hours and 15 minutes.

Additional Recommendations

  • Attire: Smart casual, with comfortable shoes for walking around the vineyards.
  • Packing: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat for protection against the sun.
  • Health & Safety: Ensure to follow any dietary restrictions or health advisories communicated in advance.

This itinerary provides a luxurious and seamless experience, offering the best of Barossa Valley’s wine and culinary delights, all while enjoying the unique perspective of a helicopter tour.


8:30 AM – Arrival at Adelaide Airport (General Aviation Terminal)

  • Check-in and briefing: Arrive at the General Aviation Terminal for a pre-flight briefing and safety instructions. Enjoy a complimentary coffee or tea.

9:00 AM – Helicopter Departure to Kies Wines, Barossa Valley

  • Flight duration: Approximately 30 minutes.
  • Scenic flight: Enjoy stunning aerial views of Adelaide and the surrounding countryside as you fly to the Barossa Valley.

9:30 AM – Arrival at Kies Wines

  • Wine tasting and tour: Begin your day with a wine tasting session at Kies Wines. Explore their extensive range of wines, including their famous Monkey Nut Tree Merlot.
  • Winery tour: Take a guided tour of the vineyard and winery, learning about their winemaking process and history.

11:00 AM – Helicopter Departure to The Lane Vineyard, Adelaide Hills

  • Flight duration: Approximately 20 minutes.
  • Scenic flight: Fly over the picturesque Adelaide Hills, known for its rolling landscapes and charming towns.

11:20 AM – Arrival at The Lane Vineyard

  • Lunch: Enjoy a gourmet lunch at the acclaimed restaurant of The Lane Vineyard. Savor a seasonal menu paired with their premium wines, all while taking in the breathtaking views of the vineyard.
  • Wine tasting: Post-lunch, indulge in a wine tasting session, exploring The Lane’s exquisite range of wines.

1:30 PM – Helicopter Departure to d’Arenberg Cube, McLaren Vale

  • Flight duration: Approximately 25 minutes.
  • Scenic flight: Marvel at the changing landscapes as you fly from the Adelaide Hills to the McLaren Vale wine region.

1:55 PM – Arrival at d’Arenberg Cube

  • Wine tasting and tour: Experience the unique and contemporary d’Arenberg Cube. Enjoy a curated wine tasting in the surreal, art-inspired surroundings of the Cube. Learn about the innovative winemaking techniques and the history of d’Arenberg.
  • Exploration: Spend some time exploring the art installations and exhibits within the Cube.

3:30 PM – Helicopter Departure to Adelaide Airport

  • Flight duration: Approximately 30 minutes.
  • Scenic flight: Relax and take in the final scenic views of the day as you head back to Adelaide.

4:00 PM – Arrival at Adelaide Airport (General Aviation Terminal)

  • Conclusion: Arrive back at the General Aviation Terminal, where your luxurious wine tour concludes. Take a moment to reflect on the day’s experiences before departing.


  • Attire: Dress in smart casual attire, suitable for winery tours and tastings.
  • Weather: Helicopter flights are subject to weather conditions. Ensure to check the weather forecast and confirm the flight schedule a day before.
  • Bookings: Advance bookings are essential for the helicopter tour and winery visits. Ensure all reservations are confirmed well in advance.

This itinerary provides a perfect blend of aerial sightseeing, gourmet dining, and exquisite wine experiences, making for an unforgettable day trip from Adelaide.


8:30 AMPick-up from Accommodation

  • Guests will be picked up directly from their accommodation at The Louise, Kingsford The Barossa, or 1837 Barossa by a luxury helicopter.

9:00 AMScenic Flight to Monarto Safari Park

  • Enjoy a breathtaking helicopter ride over the picturesque Barossa Valley, heading towards Monarto Safari Park.
  • The flight will provide stunning aerial views of the vineyards and the South Australian landscape.

9:45 AMArrival at Monarto Safari Park

  • Upon landing, guests will be greeted by the park staff and guided to the Lions 360 experience.

10:00 AM – 11:30 AMLions 360 Experience

  • Engage in the thrilling Lions 360 experience, where guests will enter the cage and come face-to-face with the majestic lions. This unique and immersive experience offers an up-close encounter with these magnificent creatures.

11:45 AMHelicopter Flight Back to Barossa Valley

  • After the exhilarating Lions 360 experience, board the helicopter for the return flight to Barossa Valley.

12:30 PMLunch at Horizon at 1837 or St Hugo

  • Depending on the chosen option, enjoy a sumptuous lunch at either Horizon at 1837 or St Hugo.
  • Option 1: Horizon at 1837 – Relish a gourmet meal paired with exquisite wines while enjoying panoramic views of the vineyards.
  • Option 2: St Hugo – Indulge in a fine dining experience with a seasonal menu and award-winning wines in a sophisticated setting.

2:30 PMWine Tasting at Kies Wines

  • Post-lunch, head to Kies Wines for a delightful wine tasting session.
  • Discover a variety of premium Barossa Valley wines, including their famous Shiraz and Riesling, in the charming and historic Kies family cellar door.

4:00 PMScenic Helicopter Flight

  • Embark on a short scenic flight around the Barossa Valley, providing a final chance to take in the breathtaking scenery.

4:30 PMReturn to Accommodation

  • The helicopter will return guests to their starting point at The Louise, Kingsford The Barossa, or 1837 Barossa.

5:00 PMArrival and Conclusion of the Experience

  • Guests arrive back at their accommodation, marking the end of the unforgettable full-day helicopter experience.

Important Notes:

  • Dress Code: Casual and comfortable clothing is recommended, with suitable footwear for the Lions 360 experience.
  • Weather: The itinerary may be subject to change depending on weather conditions.
  • Bookings: Ensure all reservations for the Lions 360 experience, lunch, and wine tasting are confirmed in advance.

This itinerary offers a blend of adventure, luxury, and the finest culinary and wine experiences the Barossa Valley has to offer, making for a truly memorable day.

Starting Point: The Louise, Kingsford The Barossa, or 1837 Barossa


9:00 AM – Departure from Accommodation

Pick-up Location: The Louise, Kingsford The Barossa, or 1837 Barossa

  • Helicopter Operator: Barossa Helicopters
  • Flight Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Destination: Monarto Safari Park


10:00 AM – Arrival at Monarto Safari Park

  • Activity: Lions 360 Experience
  • Description: A thrilling experience where you can walk through a tunnel and into the heart of the lions’ den, offering a unique 360-degree view of these magnificent creatures.


11:30 AM – Departure from Monarto Safari Park

  • Flight Duration: Approximately 45 minutes
  • Destination: Wheatsheaf Pub, Allendale


12:15 PM – Arrival at Wheatsheaf Pub, Allendale

  • Activity: Lunch
  • Description: Enjoy a delicious, hearty lunch at this iconic local pub known for its warm hospitality and classic pub fare.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours


02:00 PM – Departure from Wheatsheaf Pub

  • Flight Duration: Approximately 15 minutes
  • Destination: Barossa Valley Chocolate Company


02:15 PM – Arrival at Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

  • Activity: Wine and Chocolate Pairing
  • Description: Indulge in a luxurious pairing of local wines with a selection of handcrafted chocolates, guided by experts who explain the intricate flavors and combinations.

    3:30 PM – Departure from Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

  • Flight Duration: Approximately 15 minutes
  • Destination: 1837 Barossa


04:00 PM – Arrival at 1837 Barossa

  • Activity: Wine taste
  • Description: Relax and explore the beautiful surroundings of 1837 Barossa. You can enjoy a stroll through the vineyards or simply unwind at your leisure before dinner.


5:30 PM – Dinner at Horizon at 1837 

  • Activity: Dinner
  • Description: Savor a sumptuous dinner featuring exquisite dishes crafted from fresh, local ingredients, paired with fine wines from the Barossa Valley.
  • Duration: 2 hours

7:00 PM – End of Helicopter Experience

  • Return to Accommodation: By taxi, arranged by 1837 Barossa
  • Duration: Approximately 30 minutes


  • Attire: Comfortable casual wear suitable for safari and dining experiences.
  • What to Bring: Camera, sun protection, and a sense of adventure!
  • Weather: Ensure to check the weather forecast for the day and dress accordingly.

This full-day helicopter experience combines adventure, fine dining, and relaxation, providing a memorable way to explore the Barossa Valley and its surrounding attractions.


Helicopter with holiday lights in the Barossa Valley South Australia

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