Chief Pilot

Peter (aka Goose) Kies

Goose started his flying career in the 1970’s with his father Ken Kies owning a fixed wing aircraft (Piper Archer II) privately. During the years of the Kies Family owning Karrawirra Winery, Gooses’ love for aviation grew with swapping a few cartons of wine for a flight in the Channel 9 Helicopter with then pilot (Clive Lipscombe ) who was picking up parachutist from our private air strip.


Gooses’ love of helicopters started then and there and intensified when he went for a scenic flight with a guy called Ray Cronin near Melbourne in the early 80’s!!  Goose then went on to become a commercial helicopter pilot in 1986.


Ray is the owner (along with his wife Eleanor) of Kestrel Aviation  – they are well respected within the industry as one of the best! We still keep in touch today and utilise their flying school for training.


Goose is endorsed to fly R22, R44, Bell 47J2A, Bell 206 Series, Hughes 500, Hughes 300, AS350 and Hiller 12E.